2021 Summer update

  • New PTC Contest Start on June 1
  • A new method of calculating Offerwalls Contest points
  • Multiple approach to each OfferWall
  • You will soon see the Asia-Mag OfferWall listing
  • New Coupon Code "2021-Summer-Update" Get 250 Bits

PTC Contest

Earn PTC Contest Points by Visiting Sites:

1.      Earn Bits> PTC Ads

2.      Offers > BitsWall > Visit Websites

3.      Offers > Monlix > PTC

4.      Offers > Offers 4 All

After viewing the site, get a PTC Contest 1 Point


New Method of Calculating OfferWalls Contest Points

We all need to be able to accumulate adequate points, no matter what offer we make.

In the current system, there was an incorrect distribution of points because the PTC - (16 points) and the 1200 points survey received 1 point each in the competition. What causes demotivation among fans of polls. This is why other sites are not betting on the fast, low-paying OfferWall.


This change will put everyone on an equal footing. I have translated the estimates as much as possible depending on the time of execution and payment.


See the table of new points for current assignments


Multiple approach to each OfferWall

The site presents several basic ways of making money - PTC and Shortlinks

Also OfferWall which in turn offer the same.

Therefore, we will have 3 competitions. PTC, ShortLink and OfferWall Contest.

The PTC Contest includes all PTC views.

The ShortLink Contest includes views of all ShortLink.

OfferWall Contest includes all Offer performance.

We take part in two competitions with one action and thus increase the possibility of making money.


Multiple approach to each OfferWall

Coupon Code "2021-Summer-Update" Get 250 Bits Valid until June 15

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